Introducing the groundbreaking Pentagal Penta 580

Introducing the groundbreaking Pentagal Penta 580

Since March, we have been utilizing the game-changing Pentagal Penta 580 machine equipped with 50 pre-set programmes and the pioneering technology that manages the device and controls the data, for instance the temperature of solder and air. 

Penta 580 is a vertical hot air system which immerses the PCB plate into a »tin bath«. When the automatic hand retrieves the PCB plate, any redundant tin is removed by knives containing hot air. 

A touch panel facilitates a user-friendly and prompt operation. Enclosed housing enables an emission-free and lead-free production. 

Penta 580 capacitates the processing of the following maximum PCB dimensions: 800 x 770 x 6 / mm.

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