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Games of chance are nowadays mostly associated with entertainment, pastime and mental relaxation. Slot machines include all electronic, mechanical and similar devices where the player has a chance to win a prize. The gambling industry, which is worth millions, has evolved significantly and it will probably continue to grow. The LUZNAR d.o.o. printed circuit boards have been present in the gambling industry for over two decades and our PCBs can be found in slot machines, which are sold all over the world.

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Our long cooperation with Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. can be summed up as an example of good practice, both in terms of regular supply and in terms of developing new products.

GAMBEE by Proizbira d.o.o.

Automotive industry

In terms of revenues, the automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors in the world. PCBs can be found in entertainment systems, digital screens, radars, GPS systems, surveillance mirrors, engine control units, lamps, etc.

With an extensive range of PCBs, Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. has been involved in the automotive industry for a number of years. Manufacturing standards and quality are extremely important for this sector and it is undoubtedly essential to move forward and develop every day in order to meet the increasingly complex demands of the automotive industry.

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Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. has always been our trustworthy partner that brought our ideas to life. We take the manufacturing quality very seriously, which allows our products to meet the highest standards and makes them the best on the market.

REC d.o.o.
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Hidria d.o.o. has been working together with Tiskana vezja Luznar d.o.o. for many years. We buy samples of printed devices for new projects, as well as printed devices for serial quantities. We are satisfied with their products. Also, we are glad that printed devices can be acquired in a short time span, and Luznar is very responsive when it comes to problem-solving.

Hidria d.o.o.

Aviation and aerospace industries

Aviation and aerospace industries require PCBs that provide excellent performance under extreme conditions. Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. offers printed circuit boards with superior design and performance oriented features for aerospace and aviation applications. Our PCBs are made from a wide range of materials and composites for effective performance in the highly demanding aviation and aerospace industries.

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Tiskana vezja Luznar, a supplier that follows all of your needs and helps you on the road to development.

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With its long tradition and regular quality assurance, Luznar d.o.o. has been supplying hi-tech PCBs for different market segments, but primarily for aerospace applications, and provides support from the prototype to the final product. By offering faster delivery periods for prototypes, it ensures a shorter “time-to-market”, which is nowadays essential for the field of electronic components.

Skylabs d.o.o.

Demo boards

High-tech companies use development boards to evaluate the capabilities and features of their new components to be launched on the worldwide market. The company Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. has been collaborating with some of the largest manufacturers of electronic components and DEMO BOARDS are one of the most popular and desirable tools available on the market because they can be tested by anyone who wants to use a certain component in their latest product.

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Signalization consists of traffic signs, devices and road markings that alert drivers to the dangers on the road and associated infrastructure, and impose certain behaviour and limitations on public roads.

Luznar makes signal circuit boards for trailers, border crossings, tunnels, bus and railway stations.

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We have been working with the company for nearly 20 years and they are one of our key suppliers. They are responsive and accommodating to urgent supply requests. And the level of quality of products supplied is high, so they will remain our partner in the future.

Swarco Lea d.o.o.


Modern medicine uses many technological instruments. These instruments are critical for diagnosing illnesses, providing treatment and conducting research. Luznar manufactures PCBs that are typically found in emergency vehicles, hospital and operative beds, ...

In the industry of medical devices, the majority of circuit boards are HDI PCBs because of their highly compact dimensions.

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Our collaboration with Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. began in 2008. Our mutual partnership has been excellent from the very start. Their circuit boards are integrated in demanding medical applications where reliability is of paramount importance. Through our products, they achieved a global presence in more than 60 countries.

Medicop d.o.o.

Other industries

Electronic devices play a significant role in our daily lives and PCBs are used in nearly all of them. Luznar manufactures PCBs for telephones, computers, digital cameras, TVs, measuring instruments, keyboards, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, alarm devices, mining devices, ...

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The Luznar company values communication skills, allowing us to quickly resolve any complication related to the availability of components, our circuit board design, expected delivery date or potential complaints.

LPKF Laser & Electronics d.o.o.
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The Luznar company has been our reliable business partner for many years.

Jantar d. o. o.
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We have been working successfully with Tiskana vezja Luznar for more than 15 years. Our company provides its own development solutions, which is why we need a responsive partner that is able to comply with our wishes. Our collaboration began with the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Soon we have also agreed to manufacture complete modules based on our documentation, including the supply of materials, which was left in the hands of LUZNAR d.o.o. The quality of cooperation is not only measured by the offered price. The ability to trust a partner is measured by quality work, rapid and correct response to solving potential complaints and a timely delivery of products by the agreed deadline. The company Tiskana vezja Luznar has all of these qualities and our partnership will continue in the future.

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The company Tiskana vezja Luznar is a good long-term business partner. Most of all, we appreciate their exceptional flexibility to our dynamic needs and their serious approach to solving problems, which arise now and then – and cannot be avoided when dealing with innovations, high technology and demanding customers. Another one of their strengths is constant investment in new technology, quality and optimization. For if a parter keeps up with our development and each of us advances in our respective areas of competences, we can all achieve greater competitiveness in the global market.

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